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The Zaroa Starter Box is a great collection of products we have put together that will provide you with a great range of our products for you to try and sample. 

0.5 KG Pohutukawa Smoked Sous Vide Cooked Angus Beef Brisket

0.5 KG Sous Vide Cooked Angus Beef Roast 

1 x Kaipara Beef Chorizo

1 x Angus Beef Krainer with Cheese (4 Pack)

1 x Angus Beef Taranaccio

1 x Angus Beef Taranaki Saussi (4 Pack)  - 

1 x Black Origin Wagyu Salami

A total value of $130 for just $100

Some of these items we can customise and replace to suit your taste pallet and we will call you to discuss delivery options.