Zaroa works with local farmers and meat suppliers to source it's meat. Working closely together with our suppliers to get the highest quality of meat, export certified.
Wilson Hellaby
Great Meat Delivered With Pride
Wilson Hellaby focus is on sourcing the highest quality PRIME livestock from family farmers across New Zealand. Under the supervision of food safety inspectors, along with independent vets, their dedicated staff use both traditional hand cutting techniques and modern processing innovations to deliver premium meat to customers in New Zealand and around the world. This focus has led them to become one of the leading meat suppliers to butcheries, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels throughout New Zealand. 
Mountain River
Mountain River
New Zealand is the premier producer of venison worldwide. Mountain River deer are farm raised, grass fed and free from hormones or antibiotics. Mountain River are the specialist venison producers in New Zealand. They are dedicated to delivering an innovative product to discerning chefs.
100% Grass to Gourmet

This fresh, modern product offers so much - versatility, subtle delicate flavor, superb tenderness, and excellent nutritional qualities.
Aotea Farm
Aotea Farms produces 100% organic products from its many species of animal and plant life. From meat to macadamia nuts, Aotea produce is harvested to be the most pure food you will find anywhere on earth. 
Aotea Organic Farm is one of the largest Biodynamic farms in New Zealand 
Thirty years of organic farming and diversity in species and habitat has made Aotea Organics a beacon of chemical-free farm practices and one of the purist rural environments in the world. 
Canter Valley is a producer and supplier of quality gourmet poultry products to the restaurant, food service and retail markets in New Zealand.

Canter Valley began back in 1987, and is located near Sefton in beautiful North Canterbury. They are a family owned business, striving to be environmentally conscious. Sustainable poultry welfare management practices, with care and consideration for the highest level of animal welfare are paramount. They focus on the best quality product at every stage of production. The quality focus, consistent portion control, product presentation, and customer service are what set Canter Valley apart.

Canter Valley is an approved poultry processor under the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and are HACCP endorsed. 

Canter Valley quality products are supplied to retail, restaurants, and food service nationwide.