Pohutukawa Smoked Sous Vide Cooked Angus Beef Brisket

18 Hour Slow Cooked Sous Vide  Angus Beef Brisket Cooked In A Bag For Easy Reheat And Ready To Serve In 25 Minutes

Firstly we dry marinate the Angus Beef Brisket, then hot smoked with Pohutukawa, we then Sous Vide Cooked for 18 hours to make it extra tender.

Ready to heat, ready to eat, meat and prepared in 25 minutes.

Simply put the brisket bag in a pot of hot water (medium heat), while you prepare your other food. Take the bag out of the water, slice open and serve.

Use the juices from the bag and add starch to make a beautiful gravy.


See the video for the cooking instructions


Winner of the Gold Medal and the Champion Free-From Award at the Outstanding NZ Food producer awards.

The Champion Free-From award is a new award given to a product which is free from gluten and/or lactose and/or preservatives and/or additives and/or sugar.

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