Zaroa NZ has a range of products that are Halal suitable.

The Angus Beef and Lamb that we utilise in our products have been processed in a Halal Certified abattoir.

The spices and ingredients are all certified Halal.

The processing plant Shelly Beach Organics in Shelly Beach Kaipara Harbour where Zaroa produces all of their products. At the audit we have achieved all the requirements to produce products that meet Halal conditions. Due to being a Start-up we are not able to afford the licensing fee to achieve the full certification and accreditation being Halal Certified. We hope to be accredited as demand grows for our product.

Some of the most important conditions include:

  • Must not include or contain anything that is considered unlawful (Haram) under Islamic law.
  • Must be prepared, processed, transported and stored using appliances or media free from anything unlawful under Islamic law.
  • Must not have been in direct contact with other foods that do not meet these requirements.

Halal must also be wholesome and healthy

- Angus Beef and Lamb are Halal

- Aura Wagyu Beef are Halal

- The Chicken, Duck and Turkey are Halal

- Venison is NOT Halal 

Black Origin Wagyu Beef is NOT Halal

see our Range https://zaroa.nz/collections/halal/halal

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