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Food Safety Aotearoa working with Shelly Beach Organics and Zaroa

We have supported Dan Friedlander's vision of building a meat processing facility at Shelly Beach from the very beginning, taking responsibility for compliance with requirements under the Animal Products Act. 

The idea of producing organic small goods for the NZ and export markets has great potential and we were keen to help make it work - it was exciting to be involved right from the starting point, where the building was designed with versatility, food safety and aesthetic appearance in mind.
After several years of design, construction and then processing trials, a period that was not without challenges, the plant is now fully operational under a Risk Management Programme (RMP) that is registered with the Ministry of Primary Industries.
On that journey we have enjoyed working with the key people that are involved:

Wilhelm Zabern with his vast experience in meat technology and product development and his understanding of where the processing capabilities and the opportunities in the market are a perfect match.

Pankaj Patil who has taken on the dual role of Factory Manager and RMP Manager with great enthusiasm.
Marc Zabern who has designed and implemented an electronic inventory and traceability system that has attracted praise from MPI for it's comprehensiveness.

Processes for a variety of meat products have now been validated: The full range of raw, cured, dried, fermented and cooked meat products can be developed and manufactured for local and export markets.

Wolfgang Hiepe & Laura Oxford
Food Safety Aotearoa Ltd


Wolfgang Hiepe & Laura Oxford Food Safety Aotearoa Ltd.

Wolfgang and his team provide development of systems for food safety, quality management and environmental management or for compliance with requirements under the Animal Products Act (Risk Management Programmes) and the Food Act (Food Control Plans, HACCP Plans, National Programme) for the local NZ market and export markets.

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Wolfgang Hiepe

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