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Hydrolysed Beef Protein (HBP)

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Pre Digested Beef Protein - Concentrate

Blending Kiwi Fruit Enzymes with NZ Grass-fed beef meat through hydrolysation breaks down the solid structure of the meat into a high-protein meat concentrate/paste which is easily absorbed and quickly digested. The meat concentrate can be eaten cold as a spread or reheated on its own, or blended with sauces and soups to increase the protein intake. The Hydrolysed Beef Protein has been clinically trialled and proven to absorb the protein in higher amounts than regular minced meat. It is ideal for supporting those affected by muscle loss (sarcopenia) which increases predominately with age.

Clinically Proven by the University of Auckland

Pack Size 500g

High Protein 20g per serve

Ingredients: Grass-fed Beef 87%, Purified Water, Kiwi Powder, Organic Sea Salt, Potassium Chloride. Buffed Vinegar. Green Pepper Extract.

Store at 0 - 4°C  Consume within 4-5 days of opening