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Zaroa NZ First Ever Xmas 🎄 Gift Meat Box

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The most stunning ranges of meat products that will absolutely delight the palette this Xmas. 

With our all-natural products, we have selected the finest of this year's developments to give you Xmas feast to remember. 

We will be including our NZ Food Awards Finalists products the Pohutukawa Smoked Sous Vide Cooked Angus Beef Brisket and the Angus Beef Fit Furter
We will also include a range of Natural Angus Beef and Venison Sausages and Salami

We have also available our award-winning Lamb Bacon.

Our Christmas Gift can be configurable to diet-specific, keto and paleo and to include variations on beef 🍔 lamb 🐑 deer 🦌 duck 🐣 and Turkey 🦃