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The Te Kuiti farmed free range Lamb Saussi-Slab is great to eat as a roast, slice into sandwich pieces or dice to add into stir-fries or pasta dishes. Convenient, ready to heat, ready to eat meat.

PACK SIZE: 1 (approx. 400g)

Lamb, Purified Water, Organic Sea Salt, Spice and Spice Extract, Vinegar.

Halal Suitable & 100% Natural Ingredients Used:

  • No artificial chemical ingredients, colouring, flavours, or preservatives.
  • No sodium nitrates or sodium nitrites.
  • No Gluten. No Soy.

Keep refrigerated between 1-4° degrees. Unopened the sausages will have a 4-week shelf life. Can be frozen for 6 months. Once opened, eat within 4 days. Store leftovers in a container not in plastic wrap.

  • Cooking: Zaroa NZ Saussi is best cooked by frying, grilling or barbecuing on a medium heat turning often until the outside is golden brown. Juices should run clear.
  • Microwave: We recommend cooking the sausages in the vac bag for 1 minute and then leaving to rest for 10 seconds. Then cook for another 30 seconds on high. Sometimes the pressure can cause the bag to burst open. This is normal.
  • Oven: Turn on your oven to 160°. Put the slab in without pre-heating the oven. Cook for 15-20 minutes.